I [heart] darktable

I am learning how to use darktable, so here is a collection of things I made while getting up to speed.

January 27, 2017

I am trying to re-immerse myself in photography and needed to graduate from taking pix in JPG to RAW format images. These files have much more info and can be manipulated with a lot more sophistication. But -- the GIMP won't really work on RAW files, so I chose darktable, which is just as amazing as the GIMP (I still [[heart]] you, too, GIMP!), but is more directly focused on organizing and processing digital images.

Anyway, the pix in this particular gallery were not RAW, but JPGs from my phone that I had taken over the last few months. I spent a day culling a pile of them down to these - and processed them all in a (long) day as practice. The number of modules / settings / etc. in darktable is pretty daunting, but the learning curve is probably less steep if you already have a good knowledge of the principles of digital photography. I understand film (i.e. silver-based) photography pretty well, and I see I have a lot more to learn about digital photography.

...but that's half the fun, really.